Your Conference Needs More Videos

As a conference organizer, you wear a lot of hats and sometimes more than one at once. I haven't experienced this conference-organizer-human-hat-rack syndrome personally, but you could say that I have some friends that have. The juggling never seems to stop. Come showtime it's easy to forget about capturing the in-between moments. At LessConf, everything gets filmed for this reason. We never stop rolling and in the months leading up to the event we're looking for more ways to capture what goes on before, after, and in between sessions.

If session videos are your bricks, then the promos, sponsor "thank you's", etc. make up the mortar.

For scheduled activities it's easy to plan your shots, but if the cameras aren't rolling for the 15 seconds where someone gets an eyebrow shaved off for an iPadĀ you're gonna have a bad time.

Check out these videos we cut together of the giveaway games at last year's LessConf. Be sure to apply to attend LessConf 2013 if you haven't already!



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