Hi I'm Allan, you're here because you're hoping a video will help you reach a goal.

And you're right, a video could help but unfortunately very few video creators know how to create videos specially engineered to help sell your product or service.


Most video creators just want to create a beautiful video. And that's fine, but LessFilms is a little different than other video creators.

We study copywriting, best practice conversion design, customer on-boarding and all forms of inbound and outbound marketing. We've been sharpening our unique toolsets waiting for your project.

Let's Define Possible Goals

The goal of most videos is to increase the viewer's curiosity in your product or service. This curiosity will lead them deeper into your sales funnel.

The Right Video Improves Conversions


Howdy, I'm Eric! I run the production team at LessFilms, I make sure our team creates a video you love.

Clients often ask us "What should my video look like?" Well if you have 60 seconds just watch this video to learn about how we make video content decisions.


We've been helping customers reach their goals since 2010.

I'm proud to say Grasshopper was LessFilms very first client, their creativity and value is unmatched by other video companies.
David Hauser
co-founder of Grasshopper

Hi it's me, Allan I'm one of the co-founders at LessFilms, I make sure your projects are on-budget and on-time.

Maybe you're not quite ready to create a video, I completely understand. Consider downloading this course on common mistakes most companies make with video. It'll teach you a few things which could save you thousands of dollars later. We've produced over 500 videos since 2010 and we've seen a ton of mistakes.