Traveling to Vegas

In Octobert Eric and I traveled to Las Vegas for two client projects, StructureStudios and Here's our trip in pictures, enjoy!
Eric created a client storyboard on the airplane.

Structure Studios Shoot

Structure Studios has created pool/landscape software for designers. It's taken the pool industry by storm. They wanted us in Vegas to film their customers talking about their software.

StructureStudios rented a suite at the Mandalay Bay for us to record customer testimonal videos in during their annual "Pool Industry" tradeshow.
Eric and I stuffed our faces with the tasting menu at Border Grill with the awesome Structure Studio team. I think we ate about 2000 calories each, ugh.
I enjoyed the bath robe in the suite. I've got curves in all the right places.
This was our interview setup in the suite. We setup a "fake office desk" to capture b-roll for the video.

Eric created this video to show his thought process when setting up lighting for an interview.

This is how we light an interview.

Posted by Less Films on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The next day we interviewed some of StructureStudio's employees at their office, their office pup was awesome on camera. Shoot

Glowing is a new product who helps hotels and hotel guests communicate via text messages. It was a live action shoot with a script, the actress was fun and the client, Jason Lew flew out for the shoot at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

We worked with Amber, a local actress, in Vegas. She was great, the lighting by the pool was perfect.
The shoot consisted of six scenes around the hotel and area stores. We wrapped the day shorly after lunch.
This was one of the outdoor scenes, very "run and gun" filming before security of surrounding businesses could kick us out.


The next day Eric and I rented a car and drove out to the Hoover Dam. Once I realized we missed our opportunity to see the Grand Canyon (poor planning on my part) we ventured down a dirt road and saw the desert as sunset.

After driving down the dirt road for 15 minutes we found Lake Mead. Lake Mead isn't actually Mead, it's water. Ugh.
The desert is very colorful at sunset.
Exploring the desert.
We ate tacos at Tacos El Gordo and attempted to read in Spanish.

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