myBrainshark Alternatives

myBrainshark was the free, online version of Brainshark On-Demand (an enterprise software solution for creating training materials for sales reps). myBrainshark enabled users to upload PowerPoint presentations, images, or other documents and enhance them with features like audio commentary, embedded polls, and video clips. Finished presentations could then be uploaded to YouTube or embedded on a website or blog. And while the basic service was free to use, myBrainshark also had paid subscription features, providing users with more robust teaching tools such as testing and scoring features, as wells as viewer analytics allowing them to see who had viewed presentations and completed quizzes.

After six years, Brainshark's CEO announced that the company would be winding down myBrainshark to focus on its enterprise products. When myBrainshark finally closed its doors in January earlier this year, it left many long-time users looking for an alternative video presentation service that offered the same affordability and ease of use. We've rounded up a couple contenders below.

myBrainshark Alternatives


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Most modern editions of PowerPoint allow you to record presentations and voiceovers from within the software itself, which you can then export and upload to Youtube. This may be all you need if you only need to deliver a presentation online, but obviously PowerPoint lacks the functionality for more advanced features like quizzes and polls.

  • Price: A single-computer personal license starts at $6.99 a month
  • Website: Powerpoint Website

Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter offers many of the features that myBrainshark provided, including not only a robust quiz and survey toolset, but also embeddable media including youtube videos and live web pages, as well as analytics.


Knovio follows in the footsteps of myBrainshark with a free, ad-supported edition allowing basic functionality as well as offering extra features including quizzes and viewer tracking for paid subscriptions.

  • Price: Free, $25 a month for the "Gold" plan
  • Website: Knovio Website


Zaption takes a slightly different approach to interactive presentations, allowing you to add questions, text, and multimedia to existing youtube videos (or your own original videos) and create interactive video lessons without PowerPoint. Upgrade to a "Pro" plan for quiz analytics and LMS integration.

  • Price: Free, Business Pro $25 a month (with cheaper options for teachers)
  • Website: Zaption Website


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What's your favorite alternative?

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