Arkadium Animated Explainer Video

We love games, so when Arkadium wanted to team up with us to make their new product video we had to hold back the girly squeals. They wanted to let the world know about their Game Arena. It's super easy to set up a casual game room that works with any website or mobile device. The Arena is a lot like a fresh apple pie cooling on the window sill. Its aroma wafting through the inter-webs beckoning current and would-be users to come to your site, sit down, and eat some pie. In this case the pie is content and ad clicks.

We wanted the star of the video to be the games so we kept all of the illustrations flat and not too flashy. This approach put the gameplay and game art at center stage. Showing the viewer just how yummy the Arena looked. Mmmm… pie. It was also important to Arkadium that we show how the Arena fits seamlessly into a website without having to redesign anything. So we used some flipping and scaling animation to replace the content area on the mock website with a shiny new game arena.

Working on this project was an EGGZ BLAST. However we did spend more time than we should have playing MAHJONGG, and TRIZZLE.

Check out the final video here.


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