NYC Department of Homeless Services and Ben Stiller

In December we were contacted by NYC Department of Homeless Services to create a video to promote a one day event in NYC.

With the upcoming holidays and the looming deadline we only had a week of working time to create this video. With the help of the awesome DHS team, we moved swiftly and got the script and storyboard approved quickly.

We kept the illustrations simple and matched them up to their existing branding and web design elements. Towards the end of the project we were told they were going to have Ben Stiller record the voiceover for the project. I guess it didn't really sink in until we received the audio file from BEN STILLER!!!!!

I'm going to be honest, when I received the audio file of Ben Stiller reading a script we wrote, improvising to make it funnier, I started giggling with happiness.

Here's the video we created with DHS

Here's the raw voiceover file from Ben Stiller.


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